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Hi Friend!!

     My name is Jordan, but my friends call me Jo or Jojo (or Dinks, but that is a long story for another time, haha!) I am a Southern California based wedding + lifestyle photographer who loves Jesus. I am a wife and a mom who also loves the Jonas Brothers, wine, cheese, Disney, the Dodgers, anything Taylor Swift creates, and traveling.

     I do what I do because of my love for Christ. My faith is what fuels me, my passion, and my heart for my couples and clients. This is more than a job to me, and I am so thankful Jesus has put me in this place and led me to meet some of the best people on this planet through this business of mine. I live because of Him so I also live for Him - all glory to God.


     You may be wondering, "Jordan, how did you come up with your business name?" ... WOW thank you SO much for asking ;) Grace is actually my middle name and Day is my maiden name.I have been building and creating with GraceDay Photography for 7 years now and I only get more excited and more passionate about it every. single. day. It's like my first baby, and it's how I get to provide for my actual baby Jameson. I am so blessed that I get to do what I do - my dream job to say the least!

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Fun Facts!


I am OBSESSED with the Jonas Brothers… and that is an understatement. I have seen them 20+ times in concert. I have met Nick twice, Joe once, and it is my life goal to now meet Kevin. They are my first loves (sorry Kolten).


My favorite thing to do when I am home alone is read on my kindle, or binge watch one of my favorite shows (right now I am rereading the ACOTAR series for the second time and rewatching Gossip Girl for the 5737846th time, 


I was on Disney Channel! My cousin is a director and he used to do some work for Disney and so he threw me in as an extra in a few music videos (let's just say I have a special place in my heart for Lemonade Mouth and Starstruck ;) 


My voice was used in a Chick Fil A commercial!! Chick Fil A corporate saw one of my raving tweets about a seasonal salad they had and they asked me to be part of a "real fan" campaign they were doing and it was so fun!


I am the biggest Swifitie you will meet and I will defend her until the day I die.  I adore everything she creates. My two favorite albums are Evermore and Reputation... but 1989 & Debut also have special places in  my heart :) 


I am a Starbucks lover... My go-to Starbucks order is a grande iced matcha with oat milk, one pump chai, one pump brown sugar, and a slice of banana bread... YUM

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